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When knowing is a Matter of Trust for your child custody or divorce case, let the professional investigators at Trinity Investigations help you gather the proof you need for your legal process.

We cover the following Texas cities and their surrounding areas: Atlanta, Carthage, Gilmer, Henderson, Kilgore, Longview, Marshall, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Texarkana, Tyler and Waskom. We also cover the following Louisiana cities: Shreveport, Bossier City, Ruston, Monroe, Natchitoches, Alexandria and Many.

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 Texas Cheating Spouse Private Investigator, Trinity Investigations knows that whether you call it adultery, infidelity, cheating, being unfaithful or having an affair, it is one of the most painful and devastating things that you will encounter. Your life is shattered with the prospect of having to deal with the possibility of your spouse being unfaithful. You are in disbelief and unsure where to turn for help. Our trained Texas cheating spouse private investigators understand your hurt and are here to help.


We are to help you and can assist you in northeast Texas or Louisiana. Our Texas Private Investigators are available in the following Texas cities:


Atlanta, Canton, Carthage, Center, Gilmer, Henderson, Jefferson, Kilgore, Lindale, Longview, Marshall,  Mineola, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Texarkana, Tyler, Waskom and their adjacent cities.


Our Texas Private Investigators provide convenient billing points from major cities in our Texas Private Investigator coverage area. You do not have to spend more for quality investigative work within our Texas coverage area. We have conducted many investigations in the east Texas area as former law enforcement officers, the insurance industry and as a private investigator. That is why we design each divorce and family law investigation so that we can provide you the best possible results in learning the truth about your cheating spouse. Because of our personal experience with a cheating spouse, we are diligent in our efforts to provide you with the best opportunity to learn the truth and to minimize your cost. Because each case is different, we recommend that you call 903-235-6655 for local calls, 1-866-779-2237 toll free or Email us so that our divorce and family law private investigators can better assess your situation. Our consultation is free and discreet, so you have nothing to lose by speaking to one of our trained Texas private investigators.


We know from our own personal experience that suspecting your spouse of cheating is filled with emotional and financial drama. We empathize with our clients that suspect their spouse of cheating and help them work their way through the lies to get the truth they need to move on with their life. Statistics show that 85% of the women and 50% of the men that suspect their cheating husband or cheating wife of cheating are usually correct in their suspicions. When commitment in a relationship is one sided, it can be devastating and even unfair to you, the loyal spouse. We can help you catch your cheating spouse by utilizing one of our time proven methods such as surveillance.


Your cheating husband or cheating wife has turned your world upside down and you have a right to know what your spouse is doing. Our professionally licensed Texas divorce and family law private investigators specialize in conducting cheating spouse investigations and obtaining evidence. Our skilled Texas private investigators conduct investigations that include cheating spouses, process service, infidelity, adultery, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, deadbeat parent, child support and divorce. We can help you gain the peace of mind that you need regardless if it is to simply know the truth or if you want proof of the cheating and adultery to win in court.


Our Texas Cheating Spouse Private Investigators are on your side during this difficult time in your life. We know that you are devastated in having to speak to a Texas private investigator regarding your cheating spouse. With that in mind, you have our assurance and passion that we will use the utmost care, confidentiality and discretion in providing you with our professional divorce and family law investigative services.


If you have concerns regarding your child when they are with your spouse, then you need to call a Texas private investigative firm that recognizes the factors that will help you with your child custody case. By specializing in family law cases, we are equipped and knowledgeable in the areas of child custody investigations. We know that people change, circumstances change, your children grow older or maybe you are a parent moving out-of-state and you want to have your child relocate with you. During times where there is change, emotions run high and there are concerns about the welfare of the child's safety and well being. That is why you need a Texas private investigator that truly cares about your case and is dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. We understand your concerns regarding your child’s safety and your need to uncover the truth for your court ordered child custody. Let our Texas private investigators help you gain the information you need by gathering the evidence you will need for your Texas child custody hearing.


We are committed to doing our foremost to assist our clients in obtaining the information that they need for their particular situation. One of our most popular sources of new clients comes from the referrals by our previous clients. We are thankful that these clients feel confident in recommending Trinity Investigations to their friends, family and co-workers.


Your Texas Cheating Spouse Private Investigator can service customers in Texas whether they are located in: Atlanta, Canton, Carthage, Center, Gilmer, Henderson, Jefferson, Kilgore, Lindale, Longview, Marshall,  Mineola, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Texarkana, Tyler, Waskom and their adjacent cities.


Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau, license A14997 and that we are professionally insured. We maintain memberships with a number of professional organizations to further our education and professional ethics. We are also licensed through the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigators, license 6200-080305-LA to provide those customers that may have a need for licensed investigators in both Texas or Louisiana. Our owner and lead investigator has also been elected for two terms as the president of the Louisiana Private Investigators Association.


Your Texas Private Investigators also provide our customers with the following full line of investigative services. If we can be of service to you, or if you would like a discreet and confidential consultation regarding your particular situation, please call us at:







Divorce, Infidelity, Cheating Spouse, Child Custody, Child Support, Insurance Fraud Claims, Workers Compensation, Long term disability, Compensation claims, Stalking, Harassment, Child Abuse, Child Neglect, Mystery Shopper, Personal Injury, Deadbeat Parent, Visitation Interference, Employee Theft, Restaurant and Bar Investigations, Loss Prevention, AOE/COE, Workplace Affairs


Patent and Trademark Infringement

Copyright, Trademark and Counterfeit Products



Witnesses, Defendants, Missing Persons, Heirs, Process Service, School Friends, Deadbeat Parents, Debt Collection, Online Dating Scams


Accident and Insurance Investigations

Scene Investigations, Witness Interviews, Scene Photographs, Vehicle Photography, Product Liability, Construction, Premise Liability


Criminal and Civil Investigations

Accused Rights, False Arrest, Due Process, Wrongful Arrest Allegations, Civil Torts, Law Suits, Background Information, Court Record Research, Trial Preparation, Traffic Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Maritime Accidents


Based on your specific needs in a particular type of investigation, we work with you to design an economical and customized investigative strategy that will provide you with the best opportunity to obtain the desired results that you need.


What is a Texas or Louisiana Private Investigator?

Also called detectives, private investigators in Louisiana and Texas are required to be licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners or the Texas Private Security Board. Each candidate must pass a test and meet the standards of the board before they are approved. A private investigator is defined as a person that has the ability to take your available information and use that to obtain the evidence that you need. A good private investigator will get you the information that you need in a timely manner. Louisiana and Texas Detectives provide these results accurately and confidentially so you can move on with your life. Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators clients include attorneys, businesses, and the public with legal, financial, and personal problems. The Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators at Trinity Investigations provide these services in major cities throughout Louisiana such as Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Bossier City, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, Natchitoches, New Orleans, Ruston and Shreveport. We also service clients in the following Texas cities and their surrounding areas: Atlanta, Canton, Carthage, Center, Dallas, Gilmer, Henderson, Jefferson, Kaufman, Kilgore, Lindale, Longview, Marshall, Mesquite, Mineola, Mount Pleasant, Nacogdoches, Terrell, Texarkana, Tyler and Waskom.


What do Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators do?

Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators handle a variety of cases on a daily basis. We usually work for clients such as lawyers that are preparing a case for trial or in criminal defense, assisting the general public in a variety of issues such as family law and adultery to working with corporations and local businesses with matters concerning employee theft or information gathering. No matter what type of case is presented, you can rest assured that the Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators at Trinity Investigations will work tirelessly to get you the information that you need.


Louisiana and Texas Private Detectives also utilize many research sources and are trained in the use of computerized databases and sources of information that are not available to the general public. These sources allow private investigators to quickly obtain information to assist them in the investigation of your particular case. Practical applications of background information checks are for pre-marital mate checks, skip tracing, witness locates, trial preparation and jury selections to name a few. Private Investigators also conduct court record searches to assist them in providing background information.


One of the most sought after services of Louisiana and Texas Private Investigators is conducting surveillance. Common areas for the use of such surveillance are in cases of divorce, cheating spouses, infidelity, child custody and alleged insurance fraud claims or workers compensation fraud. For example, private investigators regularly follow and film personal injury claimants to attempt to gather evidence proving that their injuries are not genuine or are not of the level of disability claimed. Other investigations require the private investigator to observe a site, such as the home of a subject, from an inconspicuous location or a vehicle. They continue the surveillance, which is often carried out using still and video cameras, binoculars, and a cell phone, until the desired evidence is obtained. This watching and waiting often continues for a long time.


Texas Cheating Spouse and Divorce Private Investigator - Trinity Investigations proudly serving our Texas clients in Atlanta, Canton, Carthage, Gilmer, Gladewater, Henderson, Jefferson, Kaufman, Kilgore, Lindale, Longview, Marshall, Mount Pleasant, Mesquite, Nacogdoches, Texarkana, Tyler, Waskom, and their surrounding areas. We are also licensed in Louisiana and  proudly serve clients in Alexandria, Bossier City, Shreveport  Many, Monroe, Natchitoches, Ruston, , West Monroe and their surrounding areas.   



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